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If you use a separate cream for your eyes or not, is totally your choice. Some believe an eye cream is an essential part of our skincare routine. There are millions of eye-creams in the market to choose from.  Today’s post as you can obviously tell from the title, is a review, a review of the only eye-cream I have used in my entire life and it is the It’s potent eye benefit cream from benefit cosmetics. (more…)




I have a love for natural face masks. If you are not new to my blog, you probably know that! I have already written posts about a few of my favorite face masks which I make from natural and easily available ingredients. But it is not always possible to make my face masks because I have a 15 month old who is so hyperactive that sometimes I just wish she had been lazy! In that case when my skin is dull and needs some life, I opt for ready made face masks. What makes Lush standout of the other such skincare brands is definitely that they are made from the freshest and most natural ingredients. Yes, you can enjoy and benefit from the Lush face masks without being guilty of slathering on a bunch of chemicals. Today I am going to review one among a few of Lush’s face masks- Love Lettuce face mask! (more…)


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Lips without lipstick is like cake without frosting. I don’t remember from where I read the line, I agree its funny but how apt it is. Lipsticks are a girl’s true love and liquid lipsticks are so much in trend right now.So lets talk about one amazing liquid lipstick,  the inglot HD lip tint matte.

I don’t own much products from inglot. But after trying the lip tint I am totally in love with inglot and definitely trying more products from the brand. So good it is. Lets not waste time and start talking about the amazing HD lip tint matte.


thebeautymascot/inglot hd lip tint matte

Inglot says

HD Lip Tint Matte is a trendy lip product that will provide full coverage and a silky matte finish. The product ensures a long lasting effect, does not smudge and is transfer resistant. A handy little sponge makes the lip tint easy to apply, while intense colours will compliment any makeup or skin tone.

Available in 10 colours, ranging from subtle nudes to classic reds and darker statement shades.

All INGLOT’s HD products contain HD pigments. Ideal for everyday use, these products may also be used for filming in high definition, ensuring the makeup looks flawless even on a big screen.

My review of the inglot HD lip tint matte

The lip tint matte comes in a rectangular tube, transparent so the color is easily visible through it. I like the black cap of the tube, which gives a classy look to it.The sponge applicator that comes with the inglot HD lip tint matte is amazing as it is small, so perfect for precise application and a single swipe with it gives a beautiful coverage.

The shade I am reviewing today is shade 11 which is a cool pink shade something like a coral pink. They have 10 other colors available and I also have the shade 17, which is the nude in the set. The shade 11 as I said is a beautiful pink shade, perfect for spring (Yay! spring has finally showed up) and also for summer season. Once you apply the lip tint on your lips it takes just a few seconds to set, and when dried the liquid lipstick becomes non-sticky, which is great. It has a matte finish but does not dry up your lips at all! The pigmentation is brilliant, covers even pigmented lips. The best thing about the inglot HD lip tint is that it doesn’t transfer at all when set. Now when I tell you its matte and does not transfer, you might think it will dry out your lips, but believe me, its not, it is mildly moisturizing. Once set you don’t even know it’s there,so comfortable and light. And don’t worry about creasing or feathering!Liquid lipsticks are generally believed to be long lasting and this one is no exception. I have worn this one for 7 hours. In this 7 hours I had heavy meals, uncountable coffees (and all other things I normally do) and to my surprise, the color remained.

Another thing which impressed me is that the inglot HD lip tint matte is from their HD range which claims of containing HD pigments. I agree that it photographs really well.

The price of inglot HD lip tint matte is 110AED.

Available at inglot stores and online inglot  also at Amazon

Inglot HD lip tint matte( shade 11) Swatch


thebeautymascot/inglot hd lip tint matte

Overall verdict

A lipstick that survives even the heaviest meal, which does not stain your coffee mug☕️ (and your man’s face?), which does not allow even the darkest lips to show through and you don’t have to sneakily check your mobile cam? or keep on asking some one if your lipstick is still on?. If you think such a lipstick does not exist, you have to try the Inglot HD lip tint matte because the inglot HD lip tint matte is all that you want in a lipstick.  I give it 5/5, highly recommended.

So do you like liquid lipsticks? Which is your favorite liquid lipstick?



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The Hoola from benefit cosmetics is an award-winning and one of the top-rated bronzers in the beauty world. We have been hearing this and a lot more about hoola for a few years now.So is it really worth the buzz? Why should you really pay for a bronzer, which is expensive (come on! it cost AED 145 ) when you have so many affordable ones which are brilliant as bronzers in the market?  Hopefully all your doubts about the hoola bronzer will be cleared by the end of this post. So lets jump straight into my review of the hoola bronzing powder from benefit cosmetics. (more…)