Summer is officially in and what are your plans for this summer? Getting sun-kissed in the beaches? Or some fun picnics  with your kids to beautiful gardens, zoo maybe. Or strolling through some gorgeous cities and getting to know some new culture Summer for some is the best time for vacation, for some it is officially the beach season, some does not restrict to beaches its all about outdoor fun, mainly with your kids. Whatever you do, summer also calls for some extra skincare. Yes! like the special care you gave your skin during winters, your skin demands some special care during summer too. After all everybody wishes to have a healthy and beautiful skin, so you have to work for it. This post covers some basic summer skincare tips, following which will leave your skin at its best. And I know you don’t want to waste a lot of your fun-time in skincare so I am making it really easy for you. I have also included some summer makeup trends. Before coming to the real thing there is a small disclaimer, I am not a skin expert or anything, I am just sharing what I think is important.

So here are my summer skincare tips.

H2O alone can do wonders

Not just summers, we all know it is important to drink water. But how many of us really drink the adequate amount of water which is normally said to be atleast 8 glasses of water a day, and in summer that 8 glasses are nothing, drink more and more. Since we are talking about summer and skincare, let me remind you that summer is that time of the year when there are more chances of your body getting dehydrated. The first signs of dehydration are shown on your skin mainly lips. So drink lots and lots and lots of water. Water flushes out the toxins and gets rid of the waste that accumulate in the body.There is a reason why celebrities always claim drinking gallons of water to be the secret to their perfect and beautiful skin.

Slather on that sunscreen

Radiation from the sun is the main reason to cause wrinkles, dark spots, skin discolorations and even worse, sunburn and even cancer. So sunscreen is very important.  A sunscreen with an spf of 50 or above is ideal; the more the spf the better. Slather on your sunscreen 15-30 minutes before going out in the sun and block that killer rays from touching your skin, and remember to reapply if required.

Don’t forget your body, apply sunscreen not only on your face, but on every part of your body exposed to the sun.

The right Cleansing, toning and moisturizing 

Every single person in this planet knows the importance of a right CTM routine , so I am not even getting into that. What changes should you make in your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine during summers, that is what I am talking about.

During summer, your skin tends to be on the greasier side, so choose a cleanser that can combat that and keep the ever-lasting oil suppliers on rest, choose a gel type or foaming type cleanser.

If you are someone who always skip toner in your routine, you should start using one at least during summers. There are zillions of toners to choose from, find the one that is perfect for your skin. You can also try the lavender and honey facial toner I have posted a few days back.

Moisturizing is as important during summers as during winters, try changing it if you find your normal moisturizer to be too greasy, choose a lightweight formula and one which absorbs really quick into your skin. Do not forget to moisturize your body as well.

You can also check out this natural CTM routine if you like.

Give your skin a vacation too

As scary as it sounds, let your skin breathe. Avoid makeup whenever possible or at least use less makeup. You can also choose some foundation  with less coverage or go for bb/cc cream which has some awesome benefits for your skin or keep it even more simple by using just a moisturizer on your face, a tinted one if required.

Make up tips

Since I have come to makeup, lets talk a little bit more about makeup before coming back to skincare.

Use a primer before applying your makeup and a setting spray after you have done your makeup, both ensures your makeup stays for long. It helps to prevent excess oils and makeup meltdowns. There are some really awesome facial mists out there that you can spray on your face and which helps to cool, soothe and refresh your skin after being in the sun all day. You can use these facial mists after moisturizing. The facial mists also leave your skin looking beautiful and plump.

Rather than using a foundation with heavy coverage, use something which is lightweight. If you want your makeup to survive the hot humid climate then it is wise to use waterproof makeup such as waterproof mascara, liner etc. When choosing liners remember to bring some colors, colored liners are so in trend this year. You might have already spotted many celebrities rocking the bold or metallic blue eye-liners. The next trend to watch out this season is the bright lips trend, choose some bright vibrant colors, orange, fuchsia, or try red which never fails. A bright cherry lips is a great option, the best part is that cherry lips looks great on everyone and is so much in trend right now. Slay girl slay!!

Exfoliate regularly

By regularly I don’t mean everyday. There is no need for exfoliating every single day, even if your exfoliator claims to be so mild and perfect for daily use ; just  exfoliate once or twice a week.

Also make it a point to not just exfoliate your face but also your body once a week, to get that glowing and beautiful skin. And remember to exfoliate at night rather than mornings, because once you slough off that dead skin cells, the new cells are more sensitive to the killer UV rays.

Love your lips

As mentioned above, your lips shows the first signs of dehydration. So it is very important to apply a moisturizing lip balm, which has an spf of atleast 15. Reapply after every 2 hours. Also keep away from petroleum jelly or baby oil when out in the sun.

Hands and feet demand some love too

We spend more time outdoors during summer, so our feet and hands are more susceptible to a whole lot of problems. We make it even worse by not giving proper care to our hands and feet. Make it a point to exfoliate your hands and feet, paying special attention to the rough areas like the knees and elbows and use a proper hand and foot cream every day. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen in these areas too when out in the sun. A regular mani-pedi session is  also inevitable during this season.

Check out the Listerine-ACV foot soak for a beautiful feet!

Eye care 

We all know  that the skin around the eyes are so fragile, also the harsh UV rays can really damage your eyes and cause problems like cataracts. Moreover sunglasses are always so stylish, so wear one and rock it! If you are using an eye cream, continue using the same , just make sure the texture of your eye cream is light and fast absorbing.

Eat healthy

Include fresh fruits and vegetables more in your diet. Cut down on oily, salty or spicy food and say no-no to junk food. Instead munch on some delicious summer fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe which are rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants.You can also swap that trouble-maker carbonated drinks for some nutritious fruit juices. Healthy choices are endless, choose wisely.

Also remember

  • Try to stay indoors at the peak hours, when the sun’s rays are the strongest, between 10am to 4pm.
  • If you have to stay outdoors in the sun for a long time, choose appropriate clothing. There are different stores selling clothing that has a UV protection factor, UPF , depending on how much sun’s rays are absorbed by that particular clothing.
  • Wearing a hat which has a wide rim can give more protection.
  • If you like to get a tan, choose a self-tanner.

Keep these tips in mind and don’t let your summer fun-time be a harsh time for your skin!. Don’t forget to share your tips on the comments below. I love to hear your thoughts 🙂






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27 comments on “SUMMER SKINCARE TIPS”

  1. Great tips!! My favorite are facial mists! Sunscreen I’m so bad at putting it on plus it breaks me out so bad :-/ Xoxoxo

    • Oh dear! Do not skip sunscreen. If breaking out is your issue you can try something which works for your skin. There are a lot of sunscreens available for oily skinned beauties. You can try the Avene ultralight hydrating sunscreen or dermalogica oil-free matte or ceyaphil day long light gel.There is also one from lotus herbals which is quite good. Choose from this or which one best suites you, but sunscreen please?

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