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When February has showed up, wherever you look you see roses. So thought of writing about how you can make rose water at home. I know I am a bit late, but as the phrase says better late than never. Now in this post you get to know three of my favorite ways of making fresh rose water at home. My favorite because its so nice and the methods are really simple.

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Romantic roses to cool rose water

What did you do to the roses you received for the valentines day. Don’t tell me you are someone who love to have them pressed. No, no I don’t mean it is bad, it is really good and so romantic. But what if your roses can be made into something even better (for skin) Now you have to give roses where you should, you can’t gift rose water to your husband or date or who ever (or can you?) Okay leave it,what I am saying is the best way I can think is to make rose water out of the lovely roses.


thebeautymascot/rose water at home


Recycling I would say

I think this is something like recycling. You don’t have to throw away the roses once it  get dries. Instead, you can recycle them to the skin-friendly rose water. Well, please don’t think I am trying to say you have to wait for next valentines day or next bunch of roses to make rose water. I know, you know that, just making my point clear though.

I am talking too much these days. Don’t you think? Okay let’s just skip all the blah blah’s and get straight to the point, how to make rose water at home, fresh and flavorful!

Rose water at home

As I have said earlier, I am going to write about three different ways. Please read all the three, but if you have absolutely no time and want to know the easiest method, head to the third method.

Method 1: Not-so easy method


  • Roses
  • Water
  • A brick
  • A pot with an inverted lid
  • A bowl
  • Ice cubes


Now you might have wondered why you need a brick to make rose water. So before you jump into any conclusions lets take a look at how this method is done. Place the brick at the center of the pot. Add rose petals to both sides of the brick and pour in enough water to cover the petals. Place a bowl on top of the brick and cover the entire pot with the lid. Then turn on the stove and bring the water to a boil, once the water gets boiled, lower the heat to a low simmer. Place ice cubes from two ice trays on top the lid. What happens here is as the water boils the steam rises up which gets condensed due to the cold lid and the liquid drops into the bowl. This liquid is our rose water.

Method 2: Easy method


  • Petals from 2-3 roses
  • 2 cups water
  • A food steamer


This is my favorite of favorites method. Not because its easy (there are much easier methods like the third method) but mainly due to the quality of rose water we can make. So lets see how this is done. In a steamer take water. Place the rose petals on the steamer basket, close the lid switch on the stove. Do this for some 10-15 minutes. Then switch off. The remaining water is our rose water.


thebeautymascot/ rose water at home


Method 3: The easiest method


  • Rose petals
  • Water

This is probably the simplest method to prepare rose water. All you have to do is add the rose petals to the hot water and keep it overnight. The next day strain out the petals and you have fresh rose water.


thebeautymascot/rose water at home


So are you planning to throw away the roses or turn it to something which helps fight acne, helps to tone the skin, hydrates and moisturizes the skin, helps to maintain skin’s pH level, cools the skin and revitalize your skin? You decide! Also let me know if you have better ideas.


thebeautymascot/rose water at home


REMEMBER: It is always better to use organic flowers for making rose water.  If you wish to make rose water for cooking purposes, you have to choose the edible ones.




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    1. Yes please! When I were in India, I had almost all types of roses at home, organic of course. But now it is difficult to find it here.

  1. wow this is like a beauty science experiment! I love it 🙂 thanks for sharing how to make rose water. I love the way this smells so it would be cool to make my own

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