Winter has just showed up in the U.A.E and my skin is already drier than the driest desert. I know, I know its not just me. If you are experiencing this situation right now read on, below is a super easy method for super soft hands and feet.

easiest method for super soft hands and feet


Sometimes when I hold my baby’s tiny little hand, I think if she gets the same magical feeling that I do. Is my rough hand irritating her soft hands. How did my hand(which used to be soft and beautiful) become so hard. Yes,definitely the climate, the hot shower, all the harsh chemicals I use and many many other factors ripped off all the moisture from my skin leaving it dry and rough. I needed my soft skin back so badly.

So i just made a small change in my moisturizing routine (for hands and feet) which brought all the difference in my skin. So now when I touch my baby’s cute little hands I know the touch is truly magical for both of us.(Mothers touch is special however she is)

So here is a very easy and effective method for that super soft hands and feet which you can try out so easily.

what you need

You need basically two things:

  1. a moisturizer
  2. Vaseline


Any moisturizer will do,if its for hands you can choose your hand cream; if foot, foot cream or you can use your normal body lotion.


We believe Vaseline helps in vanishing dry skin, but let me tell you something, this miracle product (now you know millions of hacks using Vaseline) alone doesn’t moisturize, it just creates a barrier to lock in moisture. There is no point in using Vaseline alone because you just feel moisturized at that moment but ultimately your skin will become more dry and not to mention the stickiness and smell of Vaseline.

now the process

Very simple; mix equal parts of both. You can mix and store it in a small container for daily use or just mix the both before applying and its done. Simple, huh?. Now apply this mixture on to your skin any time you like but preferably at night before sleeping. ( this works instantly,don’t worry). You will wake up with super soft hands and feet.

NOTE: If you wish, can add oils like avocado oil, olive oil, etc to make it even better. But trust me, the two ingredients are just enough.

So why try so many methods using tons of products and wait for results when a simple change in your routine, using just two products and that too the ones you already have, can bring all the difference. Try this today and you will know what i mean.

some caring tips

  •  Exfoliate regularly.  A simple scrub can be made my mixing 2 or 3 drops of olive oil with 1tbsp sugar and lemon juice.
  • Avoid hot showers. Hot water will make your skin dry.
  • Try to wear gloves while washing dishes, and also whenever in contact with any harsh chemicals.
  • Use mild and moisturizing soaps,hand wash etc.
  • Always moisturize after shower and also at night before sleeping.


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