I am a real fan of shea butters. I use it for my face, hair, lips, body, feet and hands. Sometimes for moisturizing, sometimes for healing various skin issues ;sometimes alone sometimes along with other ingredients; shea butter is one amazing product! I have used shea butter body scrub (no, not homemade but from a very good brand) in the past and I love it! But I keep on trying and experimenting with different products and diy’s so I use some others at the moment.  But a few days back I really missed my shea butter body scrub so I thought  instead of buying it I should make it at home. So I went through the ingredient list of my favorite shea butter body scrub for inspiration (Please don’t use the word copying,!) and made my own shea butter body scrub at home!

Before starting with the recipe, let me tell you something, it was so so easy to make it and I used ingredients which I already had at home, you can also adjust accordingly. The result was similar or even better than my favorite shea butter body scrub which had tons of chemicals in the name of preservatives and for fragrance and color. If you are interested in making this very moisturizing body scrub which leaves your skin soft and radiant, then please continue reading.

Lets start with the ingredients required

I have taken ingredients as per my needs, you are welcome to adjust according to yours or substitute with some other ingredients of your choice.

You need:

  • 1/2 cup  raw, unrefined, organic Shea butter.
  • 3 tbsps Castor oil
  • 3 tbsps Olive oil
  • 2 drops of Vitamin E oil
  • 2-3 drops of essential oil of your choice. ( I used tea tree oil, you can use any oil of your choice or  just skip it)
  • 1/2-1 cup sugar 

Now the method of preparation

Measure and take half cup of shea butter. Then place it in a microwave for some 15 seconds and soften the butter. You can also soften the shea butter by using the double boiler method. Whichever method you choose remember you just have to just soften the butter not melt it completely.

Now that you have the softened shea butter, transfer it to a large bowl and beat it until it becomes creamy, just like you work with the normal butter. It will take almost 4 minutes to come to  a whipped consistency. When the shea butter reaches the desired consistency, start adding the olive oil and castor oil, small amount at a time, and blending well. Once you are done adding the two oils add the vitamin E oil and the essential oil slowly, and blending it completely. Continue beating the mixture for some more time after you have added all the oils, until it becomes soft and fluffy and you get the feeling of eating it, atleast I did. Now the final step, stir in the sugar, making it a point to mix well as you add it.

That’s it! Simple, huh? Next is the best part! While you are in the shower and your body is wet, massage the body scrub all over your body and then rinse off. You have soft, smooth, radiant and beautiful skin.




One great advantage is that you don’t have to use any body moisturizer after the scrubbing, because the moisturizing shea butter body scrub leaves your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Remember: if you think that the shea butter body scrub is greasy, you can add corn starch to the scrub to make it less greasy.

What are your thoughts about the shea butter body scrub? Which is your favorite body scrub?



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    • The best thing about shea butter is that it is super moisturizing for your skin. This scrub contains a blend of oil along with shea, so this will work great for dry skin 🙂

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