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We all love our hair so much, no doubt. We also love styling them in a million different ways. But all this styling, using all sorts of appliances and products filled with chemicals, damage our hair so badly. Not just that, our unhealthy life style, pollution (and the list goes on) and many many other factors are responsible for damaging our hair. If you blow dry you damage your hair, if you towel dry and don’t do it in the right way, again, you damage hair. We are not getting into details about how we damage our hair. I am going to introduce you to a very simple solution for hair loss, dandruff, grey hair and split ends. Bringing this very small change in your hair care routine will bring all the difference in your hair.

Citrus hair rinse for healthy hair

You need just three ingredients for this amazingly effective rinse. But they are enough to give you healthy and beautiful hair. Lets get into details about the ingredients used for this rinse.

Black tea

Black tea is our first ingredient. We use black tea for our rinse due to its abundance of anti-oxidants and caffeine which is beneficial for our hair. Caffeine helps in decreasing Dihydrostosterone, a hormone which causes hair loss, which is found in our scalp. Which simply means, black tea increases hair thickness and lowers hair loss. Black tea boosts hair growth and gives shine and luster to your hair. It acts as a natural dyeing agent, giving natural darkness to dark brown or black hair.

Lemon peel

Our second ingredient is lemon peel. The thing which I like the most about lemon is that it helps in changing the texture of your hair meaning it provides us with silky straight hair. Lemon also helps in treating oily scalps. We all know how effective lemon peels is in treating dandruff. Using lemon helps in treating hair loss, split ends and itchy scalp. Lemon gives natural conditioning to the hair and also helps in thickening  the hair. How amazing is that!

Orange peel

I have already discussed how amazing orange peels are for your skin, it has benefits on hair too. Oranges provide excellent conditioning to your hair leaving it soft and beautiful. They also stimulates hair growth and are very effective in treating dandruff.

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Now that you have some idea about the ingredients, we will move on to the method of making this effective rinse.

How to make the citrus rinse

Ingredients once again

  1. 4-5 tea bags ( depends on the quantity of rinse and your hair length)
  2. Grated peels from 1 or 2 oranges.
  3. Grated peels from 1 or 2 lemon.
  4. 4 or more cup water depending on your hair length.

First process is brewing your tea ( assuming you know how to make tea). We want strong tea. Add the lemon and orange peels to it allowing it to steep. Then let it cool. Pour this to a bottle (you can use spraying bottle too) then after you are done washing your hair, rinse your hair with it, massaging the hair and scalp.

That’s it! You have to do just this and the citrus rinse does the rest of the job. You have to do this everyday if you want fast results especially for darkening your hair and treating dandruff.

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NOTE: You can use orange and lemon not just the peels, no problem. So try this very effective method and have have gorgeous hair.

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  1. I am surely gonna try this rinse once am back from travelling. Black tea also promotes hair smoothness 🙂 thank you for sharing 🙂 bookmarked the tab 🙂

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