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After having a baby, I have learned a lot of things. I also had to make some (read as complete) changes to my lifestyle. Changes both good and bad, like now when we go shopping our primary focus is on baby stuff as any other parents. You also get a lot of products during baby shower or later,which sometimes you don’t use at all. So I had to come up with these beauty hacks using the baby products.Okay, I admit, I am that beauty-obsessed  mother spare even her baby’s products! Thank God! my baby is not big enough to know it!

So my today’s post is about how you can use baby products in your beauty routines.

Beauty hacks using baby products

Now we all know, there are millions of brands, selling millions of products, giving millions of promises for your baby’s skincare. You can continue to use the same things, but in a different way. So lets get started and talk about how a fully grown-up person like me and you, can also start using the baby products.

Diaper rash cream:

Maybe you might have expected me to start with baby powder or lotion or shampoo, but the diaper rash cream has solved my greatest problem which is the first point, so starting with it. The reason why the diaper rash cream is great for your skin is because the main ingredient in it is zinc oxide which has healing power and is so good.

thebeautymascot/beauty hacks


1.For foot blisters

Yes! you heard me right. After wearing those high heels and walking for a long time, you normally get blisters on your feet. In that case, all you have to do is steal take your baby’s diaper rash cream, and dab some on the blisters just before going to bed. The next day you wake up with a happy feet.

2.As a sunscreen

That’s right! You can use your baby’s diaper rash cream as a sunscreen. It also helps in treating wrinkles.

3.Healing cuts, burns and bug bites

My baby once got bitten by some bug at night and the next morning it had swollen up. Then all I had to do was rub some diaper rash cream on the area and it’s gone. That works for adults too. You can also use it for minor burns and wounds.

Baby powder

I have been using baby powder in my beauty regime long before my baby was born. It is so good. But now I have found out some new beauty hacks too.

thebeautymascot/beauty hacks


4.Dry shampoo

You might already know this beauty hack. You can use baby powder as a dry shampoo for those days you don’t want to wash your hair. All you have to do is sprinkle the powder on your hair and run a comb through it. This is particularly good if you are blonde, for dark hairs add some cocoa powder.

5.For beautiful lashes

Just before applying mascara, dust a very small amount of baby powder on your lashes. This adds length, thickness and volume to your lashes.

6.As base for eye shadow

Baby powder can be used as a base for your eye make up. Even lips too. It is also great for setting your make up.

7.Keep lipstick in place and for long

Apply a coat of lipstick. Then place a tissue paper on your lips and dust some baby powder on top of it  and also around your lips. Then apply a second layer of lipstick. By doing this the lipstick stays on your lips for a longer time. Applying baby powder around your lips keeps it in place without feathering.

8.Prevent sweating and chafing

Baby powder is great for absorbing perspiration anywhere on your body. It can also get rid of any body odors. It is also good to apply baby powder in between your thighs to prevent sweating and chafing. Using liquid powder is even great for your thighs as you can apply it as cream and sets into a powder.

9.Acne fighting mask

You can make a great anti-acne mask by mixing water to the baby powder and making a paste. Apply this mask on your face and keep it for 30 minutes and rinse afterwards.

10.Removing shine from T zone 

This beauty hack is great before taking pictures. Dusting baby powder on your face especially T-zone helps in absorbing perspiration and keeping down the shine.

11.Removing odor from shoes

This beauty hack works especially for your boots, sneakers, flats and any type of closed shoes . You just have to do is dust some baby powder inside your shoes, which helps in deodorizing your shoes by absorbing sweat and other odors. This beauty hack works well for your gym shoes too.

12.Reduce pain during waxing

If you have a habit of getting your waxing done by yourself then this beauty hack is for you. Dust some baby powder  before waxing and the wax will hold on just to your hair, so you get minimal pain.

13.To remove sand

When you are at the beach and you are covered in sand, this beauty hack will come handy. Just apply baby powder and brush the sand off your body. The sand will fall off instantly.

14.For a refreshed and calm sleep

Sprinkle some baby powder on your sheets to keep them smelling good. It gives such a calm and refreshed feeling.

15.To prevent skin irritation

You can apply baby powder to your newly smoothed skin. This beauty hack works because of its natural cooling effects.

16.To prevent blisters

I have already said diaper rash cream is great for treating blisters. You can use baby powder to prevent it. All you have to do is rub baby powder onto the parts of your feet which tends to rub against your shoes and cause blisters.

17.To loosen up your swimming cap

Now this is not really a beauty hack. But I had to include this because it really works. This tip was given  by my swimming instructor. If your swimming cap is tight, sprinkle some baby powder inside your swimming cap and leave it for some time (overnight is ideal). The next day the cap will fit so well.

Baby shampoo

thebeautymascot/beauty hacks


18.To clean make up brushes

You can use baby shampoo to clean your make up brushes and sponge. Take some shampoo and dilute it using water. Dip your make up brush in it and swirl until its clean.

19.For washing clothes

You can use baby shampoos to wash items such as lingerie. Apart from cleaning, it gives a sweet fragrance too. You can also use it for any fabrics.

20.Foot soak

You can use baby shampoo as a foot soak too. Dilute it in warm water, add a few drops of essential oils (optional) and soak your feet in it.

Baby oil

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21.To remove make up

You don’t have to buy expensive make up removers when you already have baby oil in your house. Massage your face with the oil and wipe off using a cotton pad. Or you can make your very own oil wipes by soaking facial tissues in the oil. Baby lotion also works for removing makeup.

22.For moisturizing skin

Every time I give my baby an oil massage, I apply it to my feet and hands. You can use baby oil for your entire body even face. It is so moisturizing!

23.Instead of eyecream

Apply the oil under your eyes at night. You would be amazed to see the result. You are never going to buy an eye cream/gel anymore!

24. For shaving

You can use baby oil instead of your shaving cream.

Baby wipes

thebeautymascot/beauty hacks


25.As make up removal wipes

You can use baby wipes instead of your normal ones.The reason, less expensive and more effective. Even if you have sensitive skin you can use it as it is so mild.

26.Removing clothe stains

You can use baby wipes for taking off light stains, deodorant marks etc.


Again not a beauty hack, but you must see how baby wipes cleans kitchen counters, sink and any dusty surfaces.

Nipple cream

thebeautymascot/beauty hackshacks

Not a product used on babies, but since this is about mommies and also keeping in mind how amazing this product is, had to include it too.

28.To cure cracked heels

Yes it works! I use nipple cream on my cracked heels at night before sleeping, and next morning I have soft beautiful feet.

29.As a lip balm

Apply this super-thick cream on your lips at night and you wake up with soft and supple lips the next morning. And don’t worry, if it says don’t wash it before breast feeding, it is not going to harm you too.

Baby brush



30.Removing blackheads

I have done a post about 28 ways to remove blackheads, where I have mentioned about removing blackheads using toothbrush. Baby brush is the best as it is softer.


In addition to all the above mentioned beauty hacks, I use them in my skincare routine if I run out of my stuff. For example, when I ran out of my moisturizer when i was on a vacation and couldn’t get it there, I used my baby’s facial cream. I also sometimes use my baby’s body lotion instead of my own. So how are you going to use these?

This post will be updated if I get new beauty hacks, so you can subscribe to get the updates if you prefer.










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  1. Whaaaaaat???? This is amazing, I have so many of these things already! The baby tooth brush for blackheads is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing!

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