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Applying makeup has therapeutic effects to most of us girls. If you don’t trust me,try this, when your angry or sad instead of that adult coloring books which is trending so much now, try applying some good lipstick (your favorite shade), or even better go for a full make up, it can instantly make you forget everything else! But I don’t think we feel the same about removing it! Removing your makeup is one heck of a job, especially those water proof ones! Some things don’t even want to get off our face, like this liquid lipstick I have reviewed some days back. And we all know it is a crime to go to sleep with your make up on (haha). Seriously removing makeup is so important for your skin to remain healthy. Otherwise using all the homemade masks or expensive skin care products will not show any results. I am not intending to say more about all it because we always get this advice from one and all. Moreover if I start, I will have to dedicate an entire post on it. So lets just talk about make up removers. Which is your favorite make up remover? What do you do when you run out of your favorite makeup remover? Do you choose any substitutes or diy makeup removers?

Before that let me confess one thing. I always thought makeup removers are a total waste of money. Not just that, till date I have not found a single one which I love or atleast do not hate. Moreover I always end up using substitutes even if I have one mainly because they are easily available at home, they don’t dry out your skin and they are not bad for your skin, actually they are good,very good! Even if you have sensitive skin, you have better choices than make up removers.

Alternatives to makeup removers

The basic idea is simple. The makeup products you use contains fatty substances such as oil (and pigments ofcourse). So what you need is something which can dissolve this fatty substances. Which means you need some oil or similar fatty substances to fight back. Simple, isn’t it? Lets start by discussing the common ones first which by now have come to our mind and later move on to some interesting ones.

Vaseline (Petroleum jelly)

Yes our dear old friend whom we use for anything and everything possible. But did you know vaseline can remove even the stubborn eye makeup, that includes waterproof mascaras. All you have to do is apply some vaseline on a cotton pad or apply directly and give some time for the make up to breakdown and then wipe off. Not just eye makeup vaseline removes even highly pigmented,long lasting super matte lipsticks that are almost impossible to remove. Similar to removing eye makeup apply vaseline on your lips,let it stay for some time and wipe off. You can repeat if required, vaseline is a such a cheap alternative anyways. You can also use vaseline to remove your full face makeup. But I really don’t prefer that. Follow this with your normal face cleanser.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one which I commonly use. Like vaseline, olive oil is also a multitasker. You can not only use it simply as a moisturizer but olive oil can be used for repairing cracked heels, for healthy hair, for your lips, mix it with your foundation for that dewy glow and many many other uses. Olive oil  works great as a makeup remover. This one without any doubt you can use to remove every bit of that paint on your face, be it foundation, eye shadow or lipstick, it removes all. You can either use it directly or mix it with equal parts of water and then use, both works. I really love to give a massage to my face using the oil. I love it.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is not just a great makeup remover, it is an excellent cleanser too. For removing make up all you have to do is take few drops on a cotton pad, place on top of your eyes, keep it for a few seconds and wipe off. It removes any kind of make up so easily not just eye make up. For removing face make up massage some coconut oil into your skin and wipe off using a cotton pad. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer and also helps to remove pigmentation and in fading acne scars.

Sweet Almond oil

One other oil which helps to remove make up effectively is sweet almond oil. I like using almond oil because it helps enhance your complexion, delays signs of aging, reduces dark circles and treats chapped lips. Method of removing make up is same as olive and coconut oil and can also be used for removing any make up.

Baby oil

Did you know baby oil is a wonderful make up remover. Baby oil contains mineral oil generally which may or may not contain other oils such as olive oil, almond oil, vitamin E oil, calendula oil etc. Now you know why I use baby oil. The method of removing make up is same as the other oils.

Remember: Use a very good face wash to remove oils after using oils in removing make up.

Baby shampoo

Surprising? Baby shampoo contains lauric acid which is derived from coconut oil.  It is very soothing and leaves your skin clean and beautiful. When using baby shampoo as a make up remover I use it just like any normal face wash. Massage it onto your skin and lather for some time and then rinse it off.

Baby body lotion

Okay! I don’t use every product that I buy for my baby or do I? Have you read my post 30 beauty hacks using baby products? Just saying, in case you are interested. Ok focus! To remove make up massage the body lotion and wipe off using a wash cloth or cotton pad. It removes any type of make up, eyes. lips or face. You can use your baby’s face moisturizer too, even your face moisturizer, oil-based ones. Works equally well. I have also used the baby cleanser, yet another great product fro removing makeup.

Coconut milk

Oh Yes! Not just coconut oil, coconut milk is great for removing makeup. You can use as it is or mix equal amounts of olive oil. What you have to do is gently massage this or just coconut milk into your face and with a cotton pad wipe off that once beautiful gunk! And yes! coconut milk contains lauric acid which acts as a natural counter-irritant and  is very soothing for your skin.

Milk powder

I have heard you can use milk also, but milk powder is my favorite. How you make this milk powder diy makeup remover is very simple. Add warm water to milk powder and make a paste. Now massage this into your face and wipe off with cotton pad. The milk powder makeup remover removes every traces of makeup, even the water-proof ones. The healthy fats contained in milk powder is the real hero here. But lets not forget lactic acid which helps in lightening our skin and alpha hydroxyl acid which helps in removing the dead skin cells and our dearest anti-oxidants which helps in improving elasticity of skin and also boosts collagen production. See I told you, you don’t really need a make up remover.

Avocado or Avocado oil

Rich in anti-oxidants, Omega-3, Vitamin A,E,D,B1,B2,K and PP, why should you waste all these benefits by using any other makeup remover! Not just that when you can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes while removing eye make up, then why just remove make up and irritate the sensitive eye area! If using avocado oil, the same procedure as any other oils and when using avocado pulp, massage it into your skin for a few seconds and wipe off using a wash cloth or a cotton pad. This diy make up remover is perfect for removing makeup from eyes, lips and face.

Aloe-vera and honey

Now this one is a decent makeup remover which removes makeup ofcourse, but I am not sure about the water-proof ones! But I really like it for removing light makeup. And who doesn’t know how beneficial aloe vera and honey are for our skin.

Micellar water

I know Micellar water does not come in this category, but now we all are so much in love with it so thought of adding this to the list.

This was my list of products which are alternatives of make up removers or some diy make up removers. I have also heard about using yoghurt as make up remover, but I have not tried it. Now you know the reason why I don’t like to use makeup removers, right? Do you use makeup removers? Or do you know any other substitutes for makeup removers? Or do you have your innovative diy makeup remover ? Please let me know in the comments below.



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    • Hi Ali, No that’s one major advantage one using such alternatives,these will not irritate our eyes nor skin (even sensitive skin) moreover some of these can do wonders to your skin, eyebrows and eyelashes and lips!

  1. Wow! So many alternative I never would have thought…like avocado! Crazy! I like using Coconut Oil! Love the smell & it moisturizes my eyelashes at the same time 🙂 haha Great post!

    • Thank you Brit! You are right about using coconut oil! Not just coconut oil, most of the alternatives mentioned are great!

    • Yes oils are great for skin. I use them as makeup removers, cleansers, moisturizers, for dewy make up and alot more (Oh I love oil for my skin)! Milk powder works great as both make up removers and also cleansers 🙂

  2. Great list you’ve compiled! I did not know Vaseline removed waterproof mascara. Thanks for the tip! I use Neutrogena make-up’s oil based, but still not the greatest.

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